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personal injury attorneys in Bedford, Virginia

What Types of Compensation Are Available in a Personal Injury Case?

By Matthew Pack |

If you or someone you love has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, a personal injury case is one way you can get compensated. There’s a lot that goes into determining compensation for a personal injury claim, which is why you should discuss your case with a Bedford personal injury attorney as soon… Read More »

car accident attorney in bedford va

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

By Matthew Pack |

Each year, car accidents claim the lives of more than 36,000 people in the United States. A key part of reducing this number is figuring out the main causes of accidents and developing practical ways to prevent them. As a driver, you can keep yourself safer on the road by understanding these risks and… Read More »

motorcycle helmet and personal injury

How Does Helmet Use Impact My Motorcycle Accident Case?

By Matthew Pack |

Motorcyclists suffer a higher rate of traffic fatalities than those in conventional passenger vehicles. Per WTOP, the state of Virginia had a sharp increase in motorcyclist deaths in 2019, with fatality numbers higher than in each of the four years prior. Due to the increased risks faced by motorcyclists, many states have implemented laws… Read More »

independent medical exam

Preparing for Your Independent Medical Exam (IME) After an Auto Accident

By Matthew Pack |

Car accidents can be traumatizing. But what is often even more stressful than the accident itself is the aftermath of the accident. It’s not always clear who’s liable for a crash, against whom to file a claim, or what your damages are worth. As you navigate the claims process after an auto accident, the… Read More »

pedestrian deaths in virginia

Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries on the Rise in VA

By Matthew Pack |

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Not only is walking good for the body and the heart, but it can also be relaxing and meditative, helping to reduce stress and lead to a higher quality of life. What’s more, walking is also often an efficient, healthy, and eco-friendly way to get… Read More »


What Are My Options If I Was Injured by a Commercial Truck?

By Matthew Pack |

Commercial trucks, such as tractor-trailers and semi-trucks, are incredibly important to the Virginia economy, not to mention consumer comfort and wellbeing. Indeed, it is only as a result of the commercial trucking industry that consumers are able to enjoy many of the basic comforts and necessities of everyday life, ranging from food to clothing… Read More »


Common Tactics Used by Insurance Companies in Accident Cases

By Matthew Pack |

If you are involved in a car accident in Virginia, you have a couple of different options for recovering compensation. First, because Virginia is an “at-fault” state, also known as a tort liability state, you maintain the right to file a claim against the at-fault driver’s liability insurance. (You could also file a lawsuit… Read More »


Winter Driving and Car Accidents

By Matthew Pack |

Even the most experienced driver can find winter roads and conditions challenging. It’s simple to forget that the pavement is slippery or that you need to drive or maneuver slower to account for these conditions. But, when a lack of care leads to an accident on winter roads, the results can be devastating.  How… Read More »


Distracted Driving and Teens

By Matthew Pack |

If your teenager has an accident while driving, the first suspicion by law enforcement will be that he was distracted. That’s because when you combine an inexperienced driver with distraction the combination can have deadly results. And that officer understands that teens are also involved in three times as many fatal crashes as other… Read More »


What is the Definition of DUI in Virginia?

By Matthew Pack |

DUI or Driving under the influence.  Most people understand that definition because the definition of DUI is similar across the nation. Virginia is different in that laws here are stricter than in many other states with penalties that can be very harsh. As is the case in every state, the measure of intoxicated driving… Read More »

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