Does your motorcycle gear make you hard to see?

Regardless of the trends and the seasons, black is always in style. Black (and other dark colors) also tend to be the colors of the safer leather gear that is widely available.

Unfortunately, between the compact size and the driver often wearing black, motorists have difficulty seeing motorcycles. Staying visible to the other drivers around you is critical to staying safe on your bike.

Here’s what you should know about making it easier to see you on your bike.

Dress for safety and visibility

Regardless of the weather conditions, you need to dress for safety when you go out on your motorcycle. For many, that means wearing sturdy materials like denim and leather to protect your arms and legs from the road in a crash.

While these materials help protect you, they can also make you difficult to see at night. Wearing a high visibility vest or other reflective clothing can help others on the road see you on your bike.

Be a visible biker

Part of the reason motorcycles are fun is because they are fast and agile. Instead of several feet of space, your bike likely only needs a few to squeeze between other vehicles.

While there are appropriate places, like closed courses, to test the speed and agility of your bike, a congested roadway can be dangerous. Your motorcycle has a smaller profile than the other vehicles on the road, and some drivers could be distracted.

As you navigate through traffic, make sure you leave plenty of space between you and other vehicles. Other drivers might need more time to see you and react safely.

Also, avoid blind spots. Your motorcycle can easily fit into most cars’ blind spots, making it difficult for the driver to see you when turning or changing lanes.

Being seen for safety

Regardless of the time of day you ride, it is essential that other people on the road can see easily see you. When you take extra steps to be seen, you can have a safer ride on your motorcycle.