Personal Injury Risks At the Beach This Summer

beach injuries in Virginia

It’s almost summer, and that means it’s time to hit the beach. However, the same risks you face in daily life are still present when you’re on vacation. On top of that, you have to plan for the unique dangers at the beach. Virginia is known for its beautiful beaches, and in particular, the city of Virginia Beach welcomes over 19 million tourists each year. Planning ahead for your trip can help you stay safe and make the most of your vacation.

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Boardwalk Injuries

Virginia Beach is known for its amazing boardwalk, but boardwalk fun comes with its own injury risks. Boardwalks see an enormous amount of foot traffic, which can cause walkways to wear down and become uneven. This may lead to slip and fall accidents. Additionally, a boardwalk’s proximity to the water can add to the risk. Boardwalks can easily become slippery and pose serious dangers to pedestrians, particularly those who are disabled or elderly.

Dangerous Water Conditions

Water is inherently unpredictable, and beach conditions can change in a moment. Rip currents can drag swimmers away from the shore to much deeper and more dangerous waters. Drowning and near-drowning injuries are not uncommon in beach settings, which is why it’s so important to pay attention to posted signs and notifications from lifeguards.

No matter how strong of a swimmer you are, make sure you’re wearing proper protective gear while swimming out from shore. If you are swimming with children, plan for the worst and ensure that they are wearing Coast Guard-approved protective gear.

Of course, the water itself isn’t the only danger here. Aquatic life can be dangerous, especially if its habitat is threatened. Jellyfish stings, bites from aggressive aquatic life, and coral gashes can all leave victims with serious and painful injuries.


In an ideal world, everyone would dispose of their trash before leaving the beach. In the real world, people are known to dispose of their beer bottles and other items for other people to clean up. Broken glass and other items can hide in the sand, waiting to leave victims with deep lacerations on their feet. Serious damage to the feet can cause nerve damage and chronic pain, making this a major threat for pedestrians.

If summer is your favorite season, don’t be afraid to hit the beach and make the most of the kids’ time off of school. But do spend some extra time learning about the risks of your chosen vacation destination and making sure you have the right protective gear. Just a little bit of preparation can save you the stress of a personal injury.

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