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How Will a DUI Affect My Employment?

How Will a DUI Affect My Employment?

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The consequences of a DUI extend far beyond the initial fines you pay and the time you may spend in jail. In fact, you may find that your DUI arrest or conviction will impact your career path and the jobs you’re able to take.

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Regulated Professions

The greatest consequences often come to those in regulated professions. This includes any career that requires a specific license, including:

  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • EMTs
  • Government agents

If you are convicted of driving under the influence, you could have a difficult time getting or renewing the license you need for your career. Of course, everything depends on your specific profession and the licensure requirements set forth by your governing board. In many cases, a DUI does not lead to an immediate loss of license. However, it does typically lead to an inquiry and investigation, at the end of which you could lose your license.

This also includes commercial drivers. If you get a DUI, you can expect to lose your commercial driver’s license for a set period of time. After multiple DUIs, you could permanently lose your CDL. This poses significant economic difficulties to drivers who have built their entire careers around their safe driving record.

Jobs That Put You in Charge of Vulnerable Populations

Even outside regulated professions, many employers run background checks on new employees. If your background check shows your DUI, you could have a difficult time staying employed. This is particularly true if your job requires you to work with vulnerable populations. For example, health aides at nursing homes or group homes, teaching assistants or aides, and shelter workers all work with at-risk populations. If you get a DUI, your potential employer may think that you are not trustworthy enough to work with the population they serve.

Career Growth Options

Perhaps you won’t lose your job after getting a DUI. This doesn’t mean, however, that your career is unaffected by a DUI conviction. You may have a hard time getting promoted or advancing in your career path down the road. While companies may be willing to take a risk on someone with a DUI for a lower-level position, they may not be willing to have someone with a drunk driving conviction in a higher-level role within their organization.

Protecting Your Career

This highlights the importance of a strong DUI defense if you are arrested for driving under the influence. Too often, people believe that they can defend themselves against DUI charges and get charges reduced or dismissed. If you get convicted, your conviction will affect every part of your life. It will affect your finances, your freedom, your employment, and your social standing. This really is not a time when you want to take chances on a DIY legal defense.

The best way to protect your career is to hire an experienced DUI attorney after you get arrested. Your attorney knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system, and they can use that experience to build a solid case. They will analyze the evidence against you, look for holes in the state’s case, and find the best defense available to you.

Not only will hiring an attorney give you a good shot at protecting your career, it is the best way to protect your rights and your future. Police officers tend to take lots of liberties when it comes to DUI arrests, and in doing so, they often violate suspects’ civil rights. By hiring an attorney, you can hold law enforcement officials accountable and ensure that your rights are not violated.

Pack Law Group Can Help with Your DUI Case

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, we understand how much stress you’re under. You likely have lots of questions and concerns regarding your charges and how they may impact your future. We’re here to help. Our extensive experience in criminal defense puts us in a strong position to protect your rights and give you a shot at a fresh start. To discuss your case in greater detail, call our team at 540-586-7225 or contact us online.