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Delayed Injuries from a Car Accident

Delayed Injuries from a Car Accident

delayed injuries

Some car accident injuries are immediately apparent, leading to prompt diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, some injuries are much more subtle, taking days or weeks to show up. This is often because of the adrenaline surge that happens during an accident. The adrenaline prepares you to run or fight whatever threat you’re facing, but it also masks pain.

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Sudden Onset of Pain

The sudden onset of pain is a red flag after a car accident. As adrenaline wears off after a crash, it stops masking your body’s pain. Adrenaline can mask even serious injuries, so it’s important to listen to your body after a crash. Pay special attention to your back, neck, and shoulders. Because of how you sit in the car and the fact that the seatbelt holds you back during a crash, these areas of the body absorb a ton of impact in an accident.

Pain in the back or neck could be a sign of anything from a herniated disc or soft tissue injury to a spinal injury or traumatic brain injury.


Many people know that pain is something to be wary of after an accident, but fewer people know that numbness can be a bad sign too. Injuries don’t always cause pain; sometimes they can cut off contact between the brain and the location of the injury, leaving you with numbness or tingling. Nerve damage can leave you with limited blood flow to your extremities, so it’s crucial to seek care after a crash if you experience these symptoms.

Abdominal Swelling or Soreness

One of the most dangerous symptoms of an injury is abdominal swelling and pain. Internal bleeding is a major risk in a car accident, but it isn’t always immediately detectable. As blood begins to accumulate in the cavities of the body, you’ll often experience intense abdominal pain, tenderness, or swelling. If you experience these symptoms, you need immediate emergency medical care. Internal bleeding can quickly become fatal. Bruising is another sign of possible internal bleeding.

Uncontrollable Mood Swings or Outbursts

If you find yourself lashing out at the people around you after an accident or uncontrollably switching from happy to mad to weeping, it’s likely not your fault. Traumatic brain injuries are relatively common after a car accident, and they can cause a multitude of symptoms. Symptoms vary, depending on which part of the brain is affected by the injury.

The part of the brain that controls emotional regulation is often damaged during a car accident, which can lead to massive changes in personality, temperament, and moods. If you experience these symptoms, it’s important to seek prompt treatment. The brain is highly plastic, which means it can heal from incredibly complex injuries in many cases, but it cannot do so without proper treatment and therapy.

Dizziness or Poor Coordination

Dizziness, poor coordination, and falls may all indicate a traumatic brain injury. The brain controls the movement of your extremities, and sudden changes in coordination are often tied to damage to the respective area of the brain. However, depending on how these symptoms present, they may also be indicative of internal bleeding.

The Importance of Medical Care

It’s understandable that many car accident victims are reluctant to seek medical attention after a crash. Medical bills are a primary cause of bankruptcy in the United States, and many people feel more comfortable waiting until they know medical care is absolutely necessary. However, doing this after a car accident can truly cost you your mobility, independence, or even your life. At the first sign of these troubling symptoms, you should get checked out and plan out your next steps.

In many situations, paying for medical care does not end up being a problem for accident victims. If you were injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you may be able to seek compensation with a personal injury claim. This would allow you to get the care you need without the financial fallout of medical bills you have to pay.

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