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Obtaining a Full and Fair Settlement in a Virginia Accident Injury Case

Obtaining a Full and Fair Settlement in a Virginia Accident Injury Case

win a settlement in a personal injury case

You’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence. What happens next? If you hire a personal injury lawyer in Virginia, you have the chance to fight for compensation. While your case could ultimately go to court, that is an unlikely outcome. In fact, it’s far more likely that your lawyer will negotiate a settlement that fairly compensates you for your losses.

But what does it take to get a full and fair settlement? Learn more about the different factors to consider during this time, and when you’re ready to take the next step, call Pack Law Group at 571-364-6346.

Medical Bills and Income

First, take a hard look at your concrete financial losses. Getting in an accident is expensive, and even if you haven’t received any medical bills yet, you probably have claim information available in your health insurance company’s information portal. If you choose an experienced personal injury attorney, they also know how to get up-to-date information on your medical expenses and how much your accident will ultimately cost you.

Don’t forget to think about the income you have lost because of the accident. Even taking one day off of work to deal with a totaled car or medical checkup can seriously impact your financial wellbeing and your career stability. A full and fair settlement should cover the income you have lost because of the accident.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering can be more difficult to calculate, since it doesn’t have a cut-and-dry number attached to it like medical expenses do. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for it in a settlement. In fact, any fair settlement should account for the pain you’ve suffered as a result of the other person’s actions.

Your attorney will walk you through their method of calculating pain and suffering. Many begin with your base costs—lost income and medical expenses—and multiply it by a number between one and five. The multiplier depends largely on the severity of your accident and how significantly it has impacted your life. While a broken leg might be lower on the scale, an amputation or paralysis would likely be closer to five.

Your Inconvenience

A solid settlement will also account for the inconvenience you’ve had to deal with because of the accident. Going to the pharmacy for medications, going to weekly check-ups, having to find someone to pick your kids up from school until you can drive again, and figuring out how to get your car fixed—these are all minor inconveniences that, when combined, can make up a significant chunk of your settlement. While it may be difficult to attach a specific monetary amount to each of these inconveniences, you can group them together to figure out what a fair amount for your settlement might be.

Future Expenses

It is crucial to consider your likely future expenses when calculating a settlement or deciding if you should accept an offer. Some injuries are far more serious than they first seem, leaving victims to accrue hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical debt over their lifetime. This is why you shouldn’t just accept a settlement offer right away; the insurance company is hoping that you will accept an offer before you know the extent of your injury. This way, if your injury turns out to be more severe than you thought, it is too late for you to ask for more.

Your accident could leave you with medical needs for decades. A settlement should cover those expenses. Furthermore, your accident could limit your ability to work or move forward in your career. If so, you should be compensated for those losses in a settlement.

Your ability to recover a full and fair settlement depends largely on how skilled and experienced your attorney is. An attorney who can handle and guide negotiations without getting derailed by the opposing side can help you get what you deserve.

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