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What Is Premises Liability?

Property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe and free from hazards that could harm visitors – that’s the basic concept behind premises liability law. When you get hurt on someone else’s property, whether it’s a store, office, home or another type of property, you may be able to seek compensation for the injuries you suffer.

Premises liability is a complicated area of the law, and the attorneys of the Pack Law Group want to clarify the law for you as much as possible. We have been a resource for Virginians who are suffering after accidents, and struggle with understanding such questions as:

Who Counts As A Visitor?

The amount of obligation a property owner has to a visitor depends on which category the visitor falls into:

  • Invitees are those who are on the property through express or implied invitation. For example, the law often considers a store’s visitors invitees. They are on the property for a permitted purpose and are “invited” in the sense that the store is open.
  • Licensees are those who are on the property for their own benefit with the consent of the owner. For example, a social guest at your home would likely be a licensee.
  • Trespassers are those who are on property without permission. They are there unlawfully. Under the law, property owners owe the least duty of care to trespassers. However, they cannot intentionally put trespassers in danger through traps or other dangerous conditions.

When one of these three types of visitors has an accident on another party’s property, the amount of liability the owner has depends on which type of visitor they are.

What Kinds Of Hazards Are Typically A Part Of Premises Liability Cases?

The majority of premises liability accidents are slip-and-fall cases, caused by improper maintenance. However, there are many such incidents that could fall under premises liability law:

  • Poor building security that leads to assault
  • Elevator or escalator accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Trampoline accidents
  • Crumbling stairways and walkways
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Falling items

Regardless of which type of premises liability case you may have, you’ll likely be looking at the same types of damages across the board.

The Difference That Pack Law Group Makes

When you file a premises liability claim, you may have to file a lawsuit against your neighbor. However, the party defending the lawsuit is not your neighbor but a well-funded, well-trained team of attorneys employed by your neighbor’s insurance company. The insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible, which may even mean trying to pay you nothing.

Our understanding of the law allows us to take aggressive action and pursue the compensation you need. We can get these cases settled for a fair amount without even entering the courtroom. When necessary, we can take your case to court and fight to get you everything you deserve. This limits your stress during a time that you need to focus on your recuperation and gives you a strong chance at getting the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Turn To Pack Law Group

Pack Law Group is here to help you if you have been injured on someone else’s property. We know how stressful and overwhelming these times can be, and we want to handle your legal issues while you focus on healing. Learn more about your options now by calling us at 540-583-7213 or contacting us online.