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The Dangers Of Burn Injuries

While all accident injuries can be devastating, burn injuries are among the most life-changing and destructive. Large burns can leave huge swaths of skin exposed to infection, cause lifelong scars and leave victims with pain for the rest of their lives.

If you or someone you love has suffered a burn injury, you may be eligible for compensation. Learn more about your options now by calling the Pack Law Group at 540-583-7213.

Types Of Burn Injuries

Every year, nearly half a million Americans suffer burn injuries serious enough to warrant medical attention, from such accidents as:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Vehicle accidents caused by defective car parts
  • Collisions with trucks carrying hazardous materials
  • Electrical cord fires
  • Apartment fires
  • Boiling water
  • Inaccessible fire exits
  • Fires in commercial or recreational spaces

Doctors categorize brain injuries by their cause and by their severity. The four main types of burns include:

  • Thermal: These are perhaps the most common type of burns. Victims suffer these when they come into contact with fire, boiling water, steam and other heat sources. Damage depends on the length of exposure and the amount of skin damaged by the burn.
  • Chemical: Chemical burns can be extremely dangerous for victims. They happen when a victim comes into contact with an acidic or alkaline substance, chemical reaction or chemical explosion.
  • Radiation: Contact with nuclear radiation can cause lifelong health issues for victims, as well as immediate burns and injuries.
  • Light: Everyone knows the pain of a sunburn, but burn injuries go beyond mild burns requiring some aloe vera and rest. Extended exposure to UV rays or the sun can leave victims with serious injuries.

As a victim of a burn injury, you may deserve substantial compensation. However, it’s impossible to know how much your injury is worth without speaking to an attorney.

What Types Of Compensation Are Burn Injuries Eligible For?

Not only do burn victims deserve compensation for their immediate medical bills, but they should also get compensated for future expenses and the psychological damage of the injury. Some of the compensation you may be able to receive includes:

  • Medical bills. Burn injuries require a substantial amount of care from multiple specialists, so any fair settlement should cover all the expenses incurred because of your injury.
  • Future medical expenses. Those who suffer severe burns are likely to need future medical care, as many victims have chronic pain issues long after the initial accident. If your injury is likely to require ongoing treatment, be sure to discuss this with your attorney.
  • Lost income. Whether you spend a few days away from work or you must be away for months, you shouldn’t have to suffer the financial stress of lost income.
  • Lost future wages. Some burn victims are never able to return to full productivity or lose out on promotion options because of their injuries. If your future ability to work has been impacted by your injuries, you should receive compensation for that loss.
  • Property damage. A damaged vehicle, home goods or sentimental items damaged by fire may be compensable in your settlement.
  • Pain and suffering. Burn injuries are incredibly painful, and many victims have lifelong issues with pain after burns. While a settlement does not take away your pain, it may put you in a better position to get the care you need to handle it.
  • Disability and disfigurement. Your injury may limit your mobility or leave you so scarred that you struggle to handle daily life. When this occurs, you absolutely deserve compensation for the changes in your lifestyle.
  • Mental anguish. Quite a few burn victims deal with mental trauma because of their injuries. They may struggle to go out in public if their burns are visible or have extreme phobias related to their accident.

Proper analysis of a claim goes beyond looking at your current medical bills and time you’ve spent away from work.

Why You Need An Attorney

Your attorney will build a case proving the sponsor of a person or party’s liability, figure out how much your claim is truly worth, and handle negotiations on your behalf. While most claims do settle out of court, your attorney will be ready and able to litigate your case if the other side is not willing to negotiate in good faith.

Burn injuries can affect every part of your life, from your ability to work to your pain levels and your social life. Don’t lose out on the full and fair compensation you deserve. Turn to the Pack Law Group for strong legal representation. Set up a meeting now by contacting us online or calling our team at 540-583-7213.