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Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) vary quite a bit in terms of outcomes, severity and prognoses. This is because the brain has a high amount of plasticity – when it sustains damage, it does its best to make new neuronal connections that make up for the losses in one area. However, there is no clear-cut way to guess how well a brain will actually recover from injuries.

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TBIs Are Complex Medical Concerns

The part of the brain that injured determines the symptoms that a victim will experience. If the prefrontal cortex suffers damage, an individual might experience mood swings and verbal outbursts. If the occipital lobe is damaged, a victim might lose their sight or struggle to see clearly.

Medical professional break TBIs down into different categories. Common injuries include:

  • Concussion. A concussion is relatively common after a car accident or fall. They occur after car accidents, gunshots, falls and assaults. Depending on the severity of the injury, a concussion may heal without any intervention or take years of work and therapy to heal.
  • Diffuse axonal. When the brain suffers shaking, as is the case in Shaken Baby Syndrome, diffuse axonal injuries occur. This type of injury also includes those caused by rotation of the head, which commonly occurs in accidents. The nerve tissue in the brain tears, leading to brain damage.
  • Coup-contrecoup. A coup-contrecoup injury happens when an impact is enough to cause the brain to hit the other side of the skull and bounce back. This leads to injuries on both sides of the brain.
  • Contusion. Brain bleeding can be extremely dangerous. While some heal quickly and with minimal danger to the victim, others require surgery.
  • Penetration. When something breaks through the skull and enters the brain, the victim suffers a penetration injury. For example, if a crash throws a victim from the car and a piece of broken glass enters their brain, that is a penetration injury. This also includes bullet wounds and stabbings.

Almost any type of accident or assault can lead to traumatic brain injury, but perhaps the most common is a car accident. Whether you hit your head on the steering wheel, are thrown from the vehicle or strike your head on the ground, traumatic brain injury is a likely outcome.

How We Can Help

Insurance companies have a lot at stake with TBI claims. In many cases, they succeed in getting a victim to take far less than they deserve. They might say that the injury is not as bad as you claim, or that a preexisting condition caused or exacerbated it.

We’ll investigate your claim and your injuries, figure out how much you really deserve, and handle negotiations with the insurance company. If necessary, we’ll take your case to court to ensure that you receive fair treatment. A traumatic brain injury can change your life forever, so don’t let an insurance company give you less compensation than you deserve.

Let The Pack Law Group Help You During This Challenging Time

If you’ve suffered a TBI, and you’re not sure what your next step is, turn to Pack Law Group. We’ll help you make a plan and start pursuing full and fair compensation. Schedule a consultation now by calling us at 540-583-7213 or getting in touch with us online.