How Much Will Insurance Pay After A Virginia Crash?

How much will insurance pay after a Virginia crash?

The potential for a crash is always there, even though the vast majority of trips in motor vehicles are completely uneventful. Every day, people in Virginia don’t make it to work or the grocery store because they get into a car crash instead.

Many of them have to deal with the headache of repairing their vehicle and securing alternate transportation. Others may require medical care because they got hurt. Every driver in Virginia should carry liability insurance to reimburse others if they cause major crashes. How much can someone expect insurance to cover after a Virginia car crash?

Policy limits and state law influence coverage

Every driver in Virginia gets to determine how much insurance they want to purchase. So long as their policy reaches the state minimum coverage amounts, they can choose how much coverage they want to carry.

Some people only carry the $20,000 in property damage coverage and $25,000 per person or $50,000 per crash of bodily injury coverage currently required by state law. Those basic amounts will increase  as the insurance requirements transition to higher amounts to better align state policy with increasing medical and vehicle costs.

Other drivers may have far more than that much coverage. The policy limits of the driver at fault for the crash will typically determine what reimbursement someone can receive. Drivers who have invested in underinsured motorist coverage can make a claim against their own policies for costs beyond what the driver at fault can cover.

Major injuries may lead to court

In cases where people don’t have very much insurance or someone has truly life-altering injuries, it may be necessary to take a personal injury case to civil court. Even when a driver has generous insurance coverage, it may be necessary to fight for a reasonable settlement.

A successful personal injury claim in Virginia can lead to more extensive compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and other financial consequences resulting from someone’s injuries. Learning about what benefits insurance will provide after a major car wreck will help those trying to secure appropriate financial support for the losses they’ve incurred. When questions arise in such situations, don’t hesitate to seek legal guidance as this area of law is undeniably complicated.