Summertime Driving: Not Always Fun In The Sun

Summertime driving: Not always fun in the sun

With the formal first day of summer approaching, drivers throughout the nation are looking to take to the open road to reunite with family, take a vacation, or attend a special event. However, with increased traffic comes the chance of more accidents, earning June, July, and August the distinction of being “The 100 Deadliest Days For Drivers.”

Motor vehicle collisions take many forms and include:

Road construction

Construction season reaches its peak in the summer months when the weather is more conducive to finishing projects and repairing road damage caused by the cold that comes with winter. Drivers experience construction zones that feature lane closures, changing traffic routes, and detours. Roads and highways are narrowed, and temporary signage also dots the streets. Distracted or drunk drivers who do not account for the difficulties could find themselves in serious, if not deadly, accidents.

Tire blowouts

Warm weather can wreak havoc on tires as the heat – sometimes up to 100 degrees – from driving causes them to expand. Even worse, older, worn, or damaged tires that experience extra stress can result in tread separation that could lead to blowouts. Suddenly, drivers lose control, resulting in serious accidents.

Distracted driving

Summertime brings a spike in distracted driving accidents. Teenagers on summer break are prone to look at their phones instead of the road ahead. Teens packed into cars are more focused on talking, eating, drinking, and even grooming than nearby vehicles or obstructions. Those visiting from another city or state are also distracted by road signs and navigational apps on their cell phones.

Summer is a time for rest and relaxation. The last thing vacationers want is to find themselves involved in a motor vehicle accident caused by negligent acts.