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Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Bedford, Virginia

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Virginia, your life could be changed forever. By their nature, accidents aren’t planned events. You may have been on the way to work, school, the store, or someplace fun on the weekend when another driver failed to use caution and caused a crash. 

With the help of a reputable Virginia accident attorney, you can fight for the compensation you deserve. The proven personal injury attorneys at The Pack Law Group will put every resource at their disposal to work to maximize the value of your case. Contact our Bedford office now to schedule your free consultation. 

Protecting Your Rights After a Serious Motor Vehicle Accident

The Virginia Highway Safety Office reports that there were over 131,000 motor vehicle crashes in 2018, resulting in more than 66,500 injuries and over 800 deaths. In Bedford County alone, there were 972 vehicle crashes, resulting in 567 injuries and 12 deaths. 

Nearly 20% of all vehicle accidents in Virginia were speed-related. And the agency reports that over 13,700 people were injured in one year due to distracted driving.  Another serious problem on our roads is drowsy driving.

At The Pack Law Group, we are committed to helping accident victims like you get financial and emotional justice. Our clients know they can depend on us to fight for their rights so that they can reclaim their lives. 

Some of the motor vehicle accidents cases we handle include: 

Auto Accidents

Car accidents are the most common type of accident on Virginia’s roads. These can include anything from a rear-end collision to a head-on crash to a hit-and-run. 

Injuries can range from a minor sprain or strain that will heal in a few weeks to something much more severe with permanent implications. Examples are paralysis, traumatic brain injury, and amputations. Our car crash attorneys handle all varieties of accidents, pursuing fair compensation on behalf of clients. 

Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks can be devastating because of the size of the vehicles involved, but the differences don’t stop there. Most large trucking companies have on-call accident reconstructionists that will rush to the scene of one of these crashes. 

These agents will interview witnesses, take photos, and collect evidence in an effort to undermine your case and minimize their client’s responsibility. If you’ve been involved in one of these accidents, you need an experienced truck accident attorney in your corner from day one. 

Motorcycle Accidents

Too often, drivers fail to keep a close eye on the road for motorcyclists. This behavior can result in a serious crash with severe injuries. We will help you hold the wrongful party financially accountable. 

Bus Accidents

If you’ve been in an accident with a large bus, you need strong representation. These bus companies often turn a blind eye to vehicle upkeep and safety compliance. We have the experience and qualifications necessary to go head-to-head with powerful bus companies and municipalities. 

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

When motorists don’t give their full attention to the road or choose to drive while under the influence, bicyclists and pedestrians often pay the price. These accidents can be catastrophic, if not deadly, and you have the right to justice. Our experienced Virginia accident attorneys will represent your interests as you work to rebuild your life. 

Your Rights If You’ve Been Involved in an Accident

If you’ve been injured and someone else is responsible, you have the right to claim compensation for your damages. This may seem simple on the surface, but the legal system can be complicated at best. And, it’s not always in your favor. 

In Virginia, the court might find that you were also partially at fault in the accident. Because of the way the state treats contributory negligence, you won’t be able to collect compensation if you were found to be even one percent responsible for the accident. 

You also don’t have an unlimited amount of time to file your claim. Virginia sets a deadline of two years from the date of the accident, called the statute of limitations, for the filing of a personal injury suit. 

Maximizing the Recovery You Deserve

Victims of other driver’s negligence often face high medical bills, lost wages and a reduction in earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other hardships and losses. All of these damages deserve the attention of an experienced personal injury attorney that will fight for justice on your behalf. 

At The Pack Law Group, our legal team fiercely advocates for each client. Whether we are taking the deposition of a witness, attending a settlement negotiation conference, or arguing your case in front of a jury, our goal is always to maximize your compensation after an accident. 

What to Do If You Were Seriously Injured in a Vehicle Accident

Any motor vehicle accident, even a minor fender bender, can shake you up. Your first priority should be your health and wellbeing. If you’ve been injured, or aren’t quite sure, seek immediate medical attention. 

While still at the accident scene, make sure you or someone else gets photos of the damage and the scene. Call the authorities immediately so that the police can collect information and write an accident report.

You’ll need to report the accident to your insurance company, but this is where you should use caution. Claims adjusters work for the insurer and are acting in the best interests of the company, not you. Avoid giving a recorded statement or signing any release forms, either of which could compromise your rights. These companies will also hire lawyers to protect their interests, and you should do the same. 

Speak with an Experienced Virginia Accident Attorney

Virginia is filled with all types of motor vehicles attempting to negotiate our highways and city streets. Whether you have been involved in an auto, truck, bus, pedestrian, or some other accident with a vehicle, you deserve to have your story heard if the other party was to blame. 

At The Pack Law Group, our legal team will conduct a thorough independent investigation of your circumstances and advise you of the strength of your case. Let us help ease your financial burden by securing the most favorable settlement or award possible. 

Contact our Bedford office today at 540-586-7225 or reach out to us online to schedule a free consultation. 

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