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Fathers Rights in Divorce and Child Custody Cases in Virginia

fathers rights attorney in Bedford, VAAre you a father in the middle of a divorce or child custody dispute, and you are concerned that you will not be treated fairly, or that the best decisions for your children may not wind up being made by the court? We know how you feel. The attorneys at the Pack Law Group in Bedford are husbands and fathers who have gone through what you are going through now. Not only do we understand what you are experiencing because we have experienced it ourselves; additionally we are experienced attorneys and aggressive litigators who know the law and will fight for you in court.

Custody, Visitation and Support

As a parent, fathers should go into the divorce with an equal right to child custody and visitation. Likewise, fathers and mothers alike are equally responsible to financially support their children. Unfortunately, fathers may suffer from the bias, often subconscious, of mothers as the caring nurturers and therefore the more appropriate parent for primary custody. Fathers in traditional roles may also be the primary breadwinners, meaning they have less time to spend with the children (and more money to spend on support). These factors can work against you if you do not fully understand them and are prepared from the outset to deal with them effectively. The experienced attorneys at the Pack Law Group understand these issues and go into your case with the proper mindset and strategy to deal effectively with these biases.

Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement

Court orders for custody and support can stay in place for years and are enforceable through a variety of legal means, including liens and wage garnishments, and even being jailed for contempt. We represent fathers in contempt or enforcement proceedings, as well as post-divorce modifications of custody and support orders when changed circumstances would justify a modification, such as a change in income, cohabitation or the need to relocate.

Comprehensive Family Law Assistance for Fathers

Pack Law Group serves men’s needs in all domestic issues, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Support (Alimony)
  • Paternity
  • Stepparent Adoptions
  • Protective Orders

For help with a divorce, custody or other family law matter in central Virginia, call the Pack Law Group in Bedford at 540-586-7225.

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