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Winter Driving and Car Accidents

Even the most experienced driver can find winter roads and conditions challenging. It’s simple to forget that the pavement is slippery or that you need to drive or maneuver slower to account for these conditions. But, when a lack of care leads to an accident on winter...

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Distracted Driving and Teens

Distracted Driving and Teens If your teenager has an accident while driving, the first suspicion by law enforcement will be that he was distracted. That’s because when you combine an inexperienced driver with distraction the combination can have deadly results. And...

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Am I Allowed to Carry a Handgun in Virginia?

Am I Allowed to Carry a Handgun in Virginia? We often get this question from residents of Virginia because the laws vary state-to-state. Be sure to check before you make any decision about carrying a handgun in Virginia or elsewhere, as the laws change frequently. The...

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What is a Protective Order?

What is a Protective Order? Someone feels threatened by another person. Maybe they feel like they are being stalked or they have been threatened physically. It could be a stranger, an ex-spouse or someone from the workplace. It could be a threat issued in person or...

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Accidents that Result from Tailgating

One of the most common forms of aggressive driving, as recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), is tailgating. Tailgating is a driving practice where one vehicle follows another too closely. Tailgating often leads to rear-end...

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