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Matthew L. Pack

Matthew Pack is Senior Attorney at Pack Law Group, where he represents clients in Bedford and throughout central Virginia in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, and divorce and family law. Matthew has defended numerous clients in Lynchburg DUI cases and has a thorough understanding of how to handle a DUI matter for the best possible outcome. Matthew also brings his strong courtroom skills and aggressive representation to auto accidents and other personal injury cases, fighting to achieve a complete settlement with the insurance company, or taking a case all the way to a jury verdict when necessary.

When it comes to divorce, custody and other family law matters, Matthew knows firsthand what it is like to go through the legal system and have to fight to protect your rights to be with your children. From his own experience working through a child custody issue, to helping others through the legal process, Matthew Pack knows what mothers and fathers can expect and works to aggressively represent the rights of his clients in divorce, child custody and other family law issues.

Matthew obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s of Business Administration from Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, Oklahoma. There he had a successful career in the automotive industry spanning more than 15 years, before following his passion and exercising his faith by moving his family to Virginia, where he attended law school and earned his law degree.

Matthew resides in Forest, Virginia with his wife, Caryn, and their children. A devoted father and dedicated attorney, Matthew brings the same passion for life and family into the representation of his clients and their legal needs.

W. Cameron Warren

Cameron Warren is an Associate Attorney at Pack Law Group who focuses his practice on criminal law and DUI defense in Bedford, Lynchburg and Roanoke counties. A passionate litigator, Cam also handles a wide range of civil legal matters, including personal injury and family law, with an emphasis on dads’ rights in divorce, child custody and visitation.

Cam is a former Prosecutor for the Commonwealth of Virginia who prosecuted countless DUI cases every day for two and half years and knows the law inside and out. He acquired training with the police in that capacity and has firsthand knowledge of a DUI case from the government’s perspective, from the initial stop and arrest all the way through prosecution. Cam uses this knowledge and experience to provide a strong and effective defense in central Virginia drunk driving arrests.

As a father who had to fight for his rights to be with his children in a multi-state custody dispute, Cam understands the challenges fathers face and knows what it takes to achieve a successful outcome. Cam fights for other dad’s, just as he had to fight for himself.

Cam obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Presbyterian College in South Carolina and a Master’s degree from Clemson University, before going on to earn his Juris Doctorate law degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg.

Cam currently resides in Lynchburg, where he is the proud father of two wonderful children, an active member of his church community.

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